Geraldine Hope Ghelli is an American-Italian freelance documentary photographer currently based in Rome, Italy.

Following her studies at the International Center of Photography in New York City, Ghelli began covering the Catalan Independence movement in Barcelona, Spain, in September of 2017 for Bloomberg News.

Most recently, she has been working in the West Bank covering the backlash to President Donald Trump’s announcement to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

At the end of January she is relocating to Ramallah to continue her personal work in the West Bank while strategically partnering with NGOs and continuing freelance work.

Ghelli brings a humanist approach to her work documenting and attempting to understand the recent wave of independence movements and their geo-political, economic, and human rights repercussions. 

Her work has been featured in publications including, The New Yorker, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Washington Post, Bloomberg, Teen Vogue, and La Vanguardia.

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